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Company introduction

Shenzhen Huazhong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, companies specializing in the production of single FireWire seesaw type wireless remote control wall switch, touch remote control wall switch, wireless remote control energy-saving socket, wireless remote control garage door, electric curtain controller, such as a series of intelligent remote control products, the products are widely used in real estate property, factories, hotels, hospitals, schools and other enterprises and institutions, high-quality, intelligent, convenient, safe and reliable products and service quality has been well received by recognition and welcome to the vast numbers of users. Company independent research and development production the seesaw type remote control switch is national patent product (Patent No.: zl2007 2 2_0121103.9), all trademarks used "Huazhong Ju" words, switch panel in line with national: GB16915.1-2003, and have been through the national CCC mandatory product certification (3C certificate number: 2003010202064695).
"Honesty, cooperation, win-win" is the cornerstone of our founding, for the future, we will, as always, with integrity, tireless and enterprising, pioneering and innovative, gradually expand scientific research, production and management strength, for the vast number of consumers with high-quality household products and services, establish a good corporate reputation and image, "Huazhong residence" and gradually developed into a well-known modern enterprise in domestic and international home field。

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